The political climate in America is increasingly charged. Every election involves copious insult-slinging and scandal-revealing and crazy media and heated debates, yet nothing ever seems to change.

This website is for all the teenagers out there who watch the news, or listen to their parents talk, and feel a vague sense of frustration that they have no voice in politics. In my experience, this generally drives teens to avoid politics altogether, and the last thing America needs is more apolitical people who vote poorly just because they’re not informed. My name is Reyna Medley, and I know just how it feels. I’ve had that sensation myself, and I’m even more limited by the fact that I’m a teenager- too young to vote, too young to have an independent voice, but certainly old enough to have my own opinions, and to wish for a way to be heard. Being a very solution-oriented person, I decided to do something. And this is my solution.

Now you have a voice.

Email me at with questions, concerns, and ideas for posts. I’ll get to your ideas as soon as I can. Everything that I write will be as objective and rational a defense of conservative views and values as I can make it. This is my goal and my promise to you.


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